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8.0 is here!


The Visual Manager® 8.0 update will come with the following changes:  

A New Look!

  • After spending time studying our existing user interface we have developed a new look and feel that will make navigating the system quicker and easier.
  • The new look will be more like what you’re used to seeing in ManagePath™ with primary navigation being done from the left side of the screen.  
  • All of our features are now better organized together making it easier to find what
    you’re looking for.


Stronger Mapping Platform

  • While keeping all the same great features we’ve always had from Google Maps, we will be using a new mapping platform that will enable
    entirely new feature options.    
  • New map tools, new maps, new map point options, and more options to come!


General Architecture Improvements

  • Along with everything you will see, there is a lot of improvements you cannot see.     
  • All behind-the-scenes improvements will bolster stability, reliability, and performance of the
    system across the board.


The Visual Manager® team will be conducting training for all users!  If you currently work on the dashboard, please let us know and we will schedule times to meet with small groups of users.

Data Visualization & Business Process Automation


Data Aggregation

With a holistic view of meaningful data, better decisions are made.

  • Transform raw data into real-time knowledge
  • Aggregate your data 80% quicker and 80% cheaper
  • Unify an unlimited number of data sources


Data Visualization

  • Interact with your data like never before
  • A simple, intuitive interface provides dynamic insights
  • Reveal opportunities hidden within existing data sources
  • Make evidence based decisions with speed


Business Process Automation

Unlike traditional data visualization tools, Visual Manager® has a powerful process automation engine to set a corrective course of action in motion.

  • 100% configurable by you – no costly integrator required
  • Automate processes, assign tasks, schedule reminders and collaborate on key findings


Measuring Performance

  • Portfolio Metric Trending
  • Project & Task Tracking
  • Interactive Dashboard Reporting
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Ad Hoc Report Generation

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