Corporate Social Responsibility



When it comes to our planet, we are all tenants

At Fischer, we hold that Corporate Social Responsibility is not simply a box you check. It is a mindset, a holistic way of looking at the world we serve and live in.

It is a broad initiative that demands a multi-faceted plan, and a company with big open arms.  Because with responsibility, comes commitment– they go together, like salt and pepper shakers.

Fischer’s community effort is rooted in both volunteerism and charitable donations. We pursue environmental stewardship wherever we can make an impact; energy efficiency, healthy workplaces, sustainability.

As a corporate real estate company, we know that when it comes to our planet, we are all tenants. We promote fairness, equality, and integrity in our business practices, and in our lives away from the office. We realize that all of these efforts are easy to talk about, but hard to embrace in our daily lives.

To have a true CSR orientation, requires that you keep this effort top of mind by consistently encouraging proactivity from the top down and the bottom up. At Fischer, we believe this is the most compelling way to share our success.