Corporate Real Estate Strategic Consulting

for Global Corporations with leased properties across the country  

At Fischer, we work very closely with our commercial real estate clients to continuously raise the bar for their competition based on ever-evolving best practices that drive measurable value to your financial statements. 

We identify and implement sustainable tenant solutions as companies inevitably encounter challenges in the marketplace and within internal operations.  Fischer offers strategic consulting for businesses and corporate real estate professionals who are focusing on:

Fischer Strategic Consulting for Corporate Tenants

Diving into Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Every engagement begins with what we like to call a “FISCHING EXPEDITION.” It’s a deep dive beneath the surface of your business to ascertain your needs, your vision for the future, gather facts, and understand the essence of your culture. These factors will impact every decision regarding your real estate portfolio.

Each year, we reassess the dozens of variables surrounding your company and the commercial real estate markets and develop a strategic plan that sets specific and actionable performance goals and financial objectives. The progress is constantly tracked, in real-time, on our Fischer Technology platform so that you know where you stand at any given moment. After all, the best surprise is no surprise.

“The Fischer team is replete with attentive listeners. We spend a lot of our time with them dreaming about possibilities as we move forward. They produce an environment that turns those dreams into reality.

– David B. White, Burns White | Attorneys at Law

Which industry is the best fit for Fischer’s Strategic Consulting?

We most commonly partner with businesses who manage medium (minimum 30 facility leases) to large-sized (1,000+ facility leases) commercial real estate operations which are primarily consisting of leased properties/facilities. We also partner with and bring value to smaller regional businesses who are rapidly growing by expanding their geographic footprint and entering new markets.

The industries Fischer proudly serves with zero conflicts of interest include:

  • Banking
  • Educational Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Law Firms
  • Professional Services and Finance
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation and Logistics

If your industry is not specifically listed here, you might still be a great fit for Fischer – just give us a quick call or send a brief email and we will quickly determine if we are able to partner and satisfy your business’s needs.

How Fischer Works With You to Find Tenant Solutions

When engaging in strategic consulting partnerships, your team at Fischer will primarily work with your Real Estate department but often interface with a variety of other departments including but not limited to Finance/Accounting, HR, Operations, and with local office managers.

For larger companies / enterprises, Fischer typically partners with your internal real estate professionals including, Vice Presidents of Global Real Estate, Directors of Real Estate, and Strategic Portfolio Managers to deliver measurable results for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

For small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), Fischer works more closely with your Executive team, including the CEO, Founders, CFO, COO and CIO depending on the scope of the initiatives we undertake.

Meet Aggressive and Ambitious Real Estate Objectives with Fischer’s Proven Solutions

Leveraging over thirty years of experience, Fischer business leaders have mastered the art of thinking differently and getting creative to identify unique and innovative tenant solutions and maximize results for your corporate real estate needs.  We work with Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses across the United States – on a local to global scale.

Contact Fischer today to identify where we can deliver the most valuable corporate real estate strategic consulting to your business and current corporate real estate operations and objectives.