Improving the Balance Sheet

Focusing on Your Capital Recovery is Our Main Priority

A business’s real estate expenses are typically the second largest expenditure a company has, generally second only to labor costs.  That said, there’s enormous opportunity to reduce, avoid and eliminate real estate costs and improve efficiencies, leaving your CFO with a more attractive balance sheet.

When it comes to identifying cost savings opportunities, we pride ourselves on our 30-year track record of capturing anywhere between 15% to over 20% value added savings in any given corporate real estate portfolio.

Those cost savings become dollars that your business can put toward revenue generating investments, raise operating margins and profitability, allow you to increase flexibility in your cost structure and ultimately improve overall shareholder return for publicly owned enterprises.

Fischer’s strategic consulting advisors are the best professionals in the commercial real estate industry at advocating for your business and aggressively attacking costs, while still ensuring your operational needs and space requirements are being met.

Evaluate Your Facility Cost Reduction Opportunities Today

Leveraging over thirty years of experience, Fischer business leaders have mastered the art of thinking differently and getting creative to identify unique and innovative tenant solutions and maximize results for your corporate real estate needs.  We work with Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses across the United States – on a local to global scale.

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