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What to Do When You’re Green to Grow With Fischer

Whether you’re a rapidly growing start-up looking for creative but low-cost office space, a regional business with aggressive market-expansion projections, or a global enterprise entering your next round of emerging markets, Fischer has the industry’s most reliable people and processes to take you there.

growth strategy

We work with you to navigate your organization and work with your teams to identify roadblocks and scale and optimize your internal operations. Our objective is to maximize efficiencies and ensure overall satisfaction with the end results of the new facility space from a from a high level strategy perspective, as well as on the local office manager’s level.

There is a lot to consider when securing new facilities/offices that manage to deliver on your current foreseeable needs, and yet remain flexible enough to continue to best serve your business when those needs inevitably change and evolve over the years. Some of the areas we ensure you have your bases covered on include:

  • Attracting talent / retaining key staff
  • Customer demographics
  • Competitor location strategy
  • Rent forecasting
  • Metro planning
  • Space allocation / space planning / space utilization

Where to Start When You’re Scaling Back Operations

Nearly all companies experience ebbs and flows, and sometimes your business will find itself in a place where you need to scale-back and consolidate operations, sell-off various lines of your business, or exit underperforming markets. When that happens, Fischer will be standing by, ready to aggressively execute consolidation opportunities, property dispositions, subleases and lease terminations at a moment’s notice.

At Fischer, we work extremely diligently and quickly to optimize your corporate real estate portfolio so it reflects your strategic objectives and targeted markets.

Real Estate & Operations Consolidation Strategy

We work with you to evaluate like-kind facilities for the possibility of consolidation so you can achieve enhanced efficiencies, more leverage in your transactions, and capitalize on potential business synergies.

In this facility cost-synergy evaluation, we consider lease expiration dates, geographical impact to current employees and customers, and the potential space efficiencies that could be gained from a consolidation.

We then rank the consolidation opportunities to prioritize the order in which they should be more closely evaluated and then execute the approved consolidation strategy from there.

Corporate Property Disposition Strategy

When you need to leave and dispose of your current facility and have those property costs moved off your balance sheet, it’s critical to market your properties as aggressively as possible so that capital can be re-allocated to other revenue-driving initiatives. The planning effort of property dispositions includes specific economic and timing objectives defined for each property. Fischer works with you to establish and implement a process for notification of upcoming property closures in order to proactively manage and report on disposition results.

We have industry-leading best practices and a proven track record of obtaining significant savings/lease income in short periods of time with commercial properties in Banking/Finance, Education, Industrial, Professional Services, Retail and Telecommunications industries.

Right-Size Your Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Today

Leveraging over thirty years of experience, Fischer business leaders have mastered the art of thinking differently and getting creative to identify unique and innovative tenant solutions and maximize results for your corporate real estate needs.

We work with Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses across the United States – on a local to global scale.

Contact Fischer today to determine what markets your business needs to enter/exit and where you can do it most cost-effectively to maximize results on your balance sheet.