Mergers & Acquisitions

Evaluate Cost Synergy Opportunities up front

M&A Cost Synergies

Mergers and acquisitions in corporate real estate pose a particular set of challenges and opportunities.

Understanding how a potential merger and acquisition will fit into and affect your overall corporate real estate portfolio should be a critical area of assessment in your initial due diligence for attractive investments. Because of the amount of capital mergers require, the real estate portfolio of prospective acquisitions may significantly impact the valuation.

It’s likely there are tens of millions of dollars in cost synergies tied up in the leased and owned properties/facilities of each organization that could be restructured. However, this isn’t just a simple matter of consolidation and disposition. It goes much deeper than that.

Fischer’s Due Diligence in the Acquisition Process

Your team of advisors at Fischer will work both pre and post-acquisition. The initial phase of due diligence involves retrieving comprehensive and accurate data. This is often the most difficult part since many companies don’t even know what they have or where it’s stored. We work with you to do whatever it takes to start your commercial property acquisition with complete and validated information.

Once all of the data is gathered, we aggregate it to our proprietary technology solutions, ManagePath ® and Visual Manager® where everything is evaluated including the overall real estate expenses, employee headcounts, space utilization and allocation, and other metrics determined critical and relevant to your specific industry and business goals.

Your dedicated team at Fischer will then guide you through critical timing, automation of standardized processes, compliance issues (and their implications), and portfolio optimization models – all of which are focused on restructuring your real estate portfolio to maximize revenue and streamline your ongoing operations.

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Leveraging over thirty years of experience, Fischer business leaders have mastered the art of thinking differently and getting creative to identify unique and innovative tenant solutions and maximize results for your corporate real estate needs.

We work with Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses across the United States – on a local to global scale.

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