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Data Visualization & Business Process Automation


Data Aggregation

With a holistic view of meaningful data, better decisions are made.

  • Transform raw data into real-time knowledge
  • Aggregate your data 80% quicker and 80% cheaper
  • Unify an unlimited number of data sources


Data Visualization

  • Interact with your data like never before
  • A simple, intuitive interface provides dynamic insights
  • Reveal opportunities hidden within existing data sources
  • Make evidence based decisions with speed


Business Process Automation

Unlike traditional data visualization tools, Visual Manager® has a powerful process automation engine to set a corrective course of action in motion.

  • 100% configurable by you – no costly integrator required
  • Automate processes, assign tasks, schedule reminders and collaborate on key findings


Measuring Performance

  • Portfolio Metric Trending
  • Project & Task Tracking
  • Interactive Dashboard Reporting
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Ad Hoc Report Generation

Fischer White Papers


How to Effectively Manage your Commercial Property Taxes

AUTHOR:  Andrew Hudson, Business Analyst & Client Relations

While the commercial property industry is positioned for substantial gains with the recent legislation, the filing complexities tax departments face could leave potential profits unchecked for many corporations.



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