How We Work With

Corporate Tenants & Occupiers

Strategic Consulting

Fischer works with corporations to achieve alignment with their overall business objectives and real estate strategy and make sure you're positioned for success as obstacles arise in the global marketplace.

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Transaction Management

We act swiftly and under-the-radar by going where our clients go, and aggressively negotiating the best possible terms and conditions with landlords in every market your business is located.

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Capital Markets & Corporate Finance

Your customer's needs are evolving at an unprecedented rapid pace, and as a reflection of that, the locations your company needs to acquire or dispose of can also be exceptionally volatile. Fischer works with companies to find hidden opportunities and refinance properties to free up capital. 

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Portfolio Management

By leveraging Fischer Technology, we are able to eliminate the data silos that exist in your organization so that all insights informing your location strategy can easily be extracted and put into action.

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Build-to-suit Expertise

Fischer's extensive experience with Build-to-Suit locations has led us to become one of the most sought after partners for commercial real estate developers across the country.  

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Lease Accounting & Lease Administration

Fischer's best-in-class lease analysts not only ensure your corporate real estate portfolio establishes and maintains the highest degree of data integrity and accuracy, but they will also ensure you're sufficiently prepared to be FASB and IFRS compliant.

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The Fischer Difference

To us, your business’s location is not just an address. Or a deal on paper. Your space, your corporate real estate, is an ecosystem.  A dynamic environment that can either demotivate your employees or inspire them to reach their true potential.

Fischer understands these nuances of each of our clients’ culture and knows what will positively impact their business practices when we are advising on corporate real estate strategy, down to negotiating with the landlord for what terms need to be included in their office space lease.

Our processes and our business intelligence tools have been designed not merely to lower costs, but also to optimize productivity. To ensure every transaction and every project is completed on time and ahead of schedule. To promote, what we call “bottom line sustainability.”


Spotlight: Steve Andrews on Why Fischer is Best for Tenants


With over 30 years’ experience in the commercial real estate industry, I have found that Fischer is head and shoulders above their competition. Your enthusiasm, work ethic, professionalism and total team effort come forth in all projects – from the smallest to largest – and everywhere in between. Your brokerage, reporting and internal processes are best-in-class and second-to-none.