About the Leading Corporate Real Estate Company

fischer is on A single minded mission

When the name on the door belongs to the founder who still passionately works to make every day better than the one before, you are not working for a company – you are on a mission.

A mission lasting over 30 years that has delivered hundreds of billions of dollars in added value to tenants and occupiers only, some of whom have been with us almost as long as we have been in business.

We don’t have clients – only partners. We don’t have public shareholders – only private stakeholders. No project is too big nor too small. At Fischer, we are always on a tenacious pursuit to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver not just what they need, but the competitive edge they are entitled to. That pursuit has led us to develop astonishing technological tools, processes that yield consistent and near-perfect results, and a shared attitude amongst our people to work harder, smarter, and as long as it takes.

There is a difference between personnel attention and personal attention. Which is why, at Fischer, we are not out to be the biggest.

Just the best.

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Fischer Focuses on three things

the tenant. the tenant. the tenant.

At Fischer, we believe representing tenants and landlords in the same transaction ought to be illegal.

Would an attorney represent both a defendant and a plaintiff in the same case? Of course not. That would be a blatant conflict of interest. And yet, that is exactly what happens in most corporate real estate transactions.

At Fischer, we have no firewalls and no disclosures, because we represent no landlords. That is why you’ll never see our name on vacancy signs outside office buildings. This tenant-only focus assures that there is no bias, from the initial strategic planning process through the final transactions.

You’ll never second-guess whether you actually got the best deal you could with us. Fischer is your advocate, your strategist, your broker.

We only sit on one side of the table.



No branch is as strong as the trunk

When you first enter the offices of a large, publicly-traded tenant/landlord commercial real estate firm, there's a good chance they'll have more cities painted on the reception wall than trip advisor.

But when you work with the branch office, you have to conform to their existing policies and people - regardless of your needs.  Basically, you get whoever is available.  Maybe they know what they're doing.  Maybe not.

Why take that risk?

The answer to that question is why some of America's most prestigious Blue Chip companies, who can choose to work with any giant commercial real estate company, choose Fischer.


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